Busy, busy, busy 

 So far we've been having a blast.  We spent last weekend in London, ON at EMac Studios recording some songs for our upcoming release.  We'll post more on that in the next day or two, because we have lots of footage to share there.  Then we played in Ottawa on Thursday night at D'Arcy McGee's and had a grand ol' time.  Footage will be posted for that too, just wanted to touch base and say hi.  Enjoy the weekend!

Thank you southern Ontario! 

 Well, we just got back from playing Sarnia, Brantford and Mississauga, and we had a blast.  Paddy Flaherty's in Sarnia is right on the waterfront with giant ships docked right outside, inside the pub is a perfect Irish-themed venue and we fit right in.  The next night, we played at Brantford's newest bar, Charlie's, and it was insane!  Apparently everybody in the city goes there on a Friday night and parties like rockstars (or maybe they were just trying to keep up).  In Mississauga/Streetsville, we played at The Franklin House (second time playing there) and had a nice chill night, playing our favourite songs to a full pub.  We can't wait to go back to these awesome spots and revisit our new friends!

Welcome to our new home! 

 Hello world,

Thank you for swinging by our brand-new website.  2010 stand to be the most productive and exciting year for us yet, and we're going to be keeping you in the loop every step of the way.  We're going to be headed into the studio in a couple weeks to record our first  studio-album with producer, Matt Grady at eMac Studios in London, ON.  In the meantime, we have our live-recorded tracks available for a listen on our MySpace site, and we've posted "Seconds At A Time" here on theclearingmusic.com .  We also are in the process of building up our video library on YouTube, and will be posting some of those videos here too.  We have to give some serious credit to photographer-extraordinaire, Scott Lennon and his awesome dog Reilly for all the righteous photos, without which, this site would lack luster.  We have some shows coming up in the next few weeks also, where in addition to our original material, we will be covering tons of our favorite classic songs, sort of like DJs with guitars, so watch out, Sarnia, London, Streetsville, Ottawa and Toronto, 'cause we're coming to you first.

So keep checking back as we update and improve the site, and please do not hesitate to tell us more of what you would like to see and hear.  Have a nice week.

Stephan & Eric
The Clearing